Travel Sense Asia Toward Sustainable Values with Travelife

Driving Transformation: Travel Sense Asia Toward Sustainable Values with Travelife

In an era marked by increasing environmental consciousness and a growing desire for authentic travel experiences, sustainable tourism has gained significant traction worldwide. Travelers increasingly prioritize environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and culturally immersive experiences. They seek destinations and service providers that align with their values, given the heightened awareness of climate change and the socio-economic impacts of tourism. At Travel Sense Asia, we go beyond offering exceptional travel experiences. We dedicate ourselves to pursuing responsible tourism practices that prioritize environmental conservation, support local communities, and preserve cultural heritage. Throughout our 14 years of delivering exemplary travel experiences, we always strive to make a positively long-term impact, shaping and protecting the future of the tourism industry.

The most prioritized mission of Travel Sense Asia at the moment is to be recognized as a responsible travel agent/tour operator by the prestigious organization Travel Life. However, our pursuit goes beyond the attainment of a title; it signifies a holistic transformation of our company’s values, practices, responsibility and commitment to sustainable tourism. In order to fulfill that mission, recently, Travel Sense Asia has taken a proactive step by assigning one of its employees, Elena Nguyen, to undertake the Sustainability Management training course for tour operators and travel agents offered by Travel Life. We are thrilled to announce that Elena successfully completed the course, earning a personal certificate that attests to her expertise in sustainable tourism. With her newfound expertise, Elena is actively working with department heads and executives to integrate sustainable practices into both Travel Sense Asia’s internal operation and business.


Travel Sense Asia has implemented detailed regulations about sustainability in the office and required all employees to follow them. They include reducing paper waste by digitizing documents, promoting recycling programs and conserving energy through efficient lighting and equipment usage. For instance, during May 2023, the company initiated the campaign “Old Battery Recovery – Protect the Green Earth” aimed at enhancing employee awareness regarding the significance of appropriately disposing of used batteries. All members of the company gathered and collected a total of 4 kg of used batteries both at work and from their homes. The team responsibly delivered these batteries to an authorized disposal facility for proper handling and safe disposal.


In addition to mentioned regulations, Travel Sense Asia also encourages its employees to adopt eco-friendly commuting options, such as public transportation or carpooling, which can contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Indeed, about 50% of individuals express a high level of trust in utilizing subway trains as their preferred mode of transportation for commuting to work. Furthermore, in the near future, Elena and the HR department will organize training sessions and workshops to educate all employees at Travel Sense Asia about sustainable practices, ensuring that the entire team is aligned with the company’s vision and mission.


In the aspect of external integration, Travel Sense Asia has developed and promoted sustainable tour packages that align with responsible tourism principles. These packages emphasize eco-friendly accommodations (package tour including Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang), community-based tourism initiatives (package tour including village encounters in Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang), and local cultural experiences (package tour to Sapa in Lao Cai). Furthermore, the company has fostered collaborations with local communities, suppliers, and industry partners to create a network of like-minded entities committed to sustainable tourism.

Through these partnerships, Travel Sense Asia will have a broader impact, supporting initiatives that preserve natural resources, empower local communities, and enhance the visitor experience. Besides, Elena will work with the sales and marketing department to help educate customers sustainable travel practices. They can provide information on responsible behavior, such as reducing waste, respecting local cultures and customs, and supporting local businesses. By raising awareness and sharing tips for sustainable travel, travel agents empower customers to make informed choices that contribute to positive environmental and social impacts.

To sum up, Elena’s achievement in completing the Sustainability Management training course is a significant milestone for Travel Sense Asia and reflects its dedication to embracing sustainable tourism. By adapting to the trend of responsible travel, the company recognizes the importance of minimizing its environmental footprint, supporting local communities, and offering authentic and enriching experiences to travelers. Travel Sense Asia’s commitment, coupled with Elena’s achievement, positions the company as a catalyst for change and paves the way for a sustainable future in the Vietnamese travel industry.

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