4 Best Places to See Golden Rice Terraces In Northern Vietnam

The golden rice terraces are always the most impressive thing about Vietnam that international tourists love to see. From August to October is the ideal time when you can visit the northern region of Vietnam and admire breathtaking landscape of rice terraces in harvest season. Here are 4 best places to see golden rice terraces in the north Vietnam.

Sapa (Lao Cai)

When to visit: Mid August to Early September

Renown as a famous tourist destination in the northwest mountain region of Vietnam, Sapa (Lao Cai) attracts many visitors not only because of the cool weather but also because of the golden terraced fields. It was also voted by the US magazine Travel + Leisure in the top 7 most beautiful rice terraces in Asia and the world.

The villages of Ta Van, Ta Phin, Hau Thao, Su Pan, Nam Cang, Trung Chai … are the best places for visitors to see most beautiful terraced fields in harvesting season. In addition, Sapa offers tourists many interested attractions that are worth a visit. You can spend 1-2 nights here. Sapa has a wide choice of accommodation, from homestays to luxury mountain resorts.

Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai)

When to visit: September to October

The photo of Mu Cang Chai terraced fields was once listed among the most beautiful photos in the world by the famous National Geographic magazine. Local people here still use traditional farming methods to keep the pristine beauty of this place.

The vast terraced fields, surrounded by mountains and hills will catch the eyes of any tourists. There are many attractive places for you to admire the terraced fields of Mu Cang Chai such as Tu Le valley, La Pan Tan, Khau Pha pass.

Since early September, a great number of visitors come here to hunt for the “golden season”. This is also the time that is considered by many to be the most beautiful to see the riping rice. Besides the rice fields, visitors are also impressed with the authentic local food and other fun activities in Mu Cang Chai.

Bac Son (Lang Son)

When to visit: September to October

The harvesting season in Bac Son is also the time when the weather is most ideal for tourists to explore and admire the poetic and majestic natural beauty here.

In Bac Son rice fields are in the limestone mountain range, surrounded by villages of the Tay, Nung and Dao people. Visiting Bac Son you will have an opportunity to learn more about the culture of the ethnic minorities here.

The most beautiful place to see rice fields as well as hunt for clouds, sunset and sunrise in Bac Son is Na Lay peak. The top of the mountain is not too high, so some tourists choose to climb the mountain in the afternoon, camp overnight to see the golden season from the early morning. Otherwise you can stay in the motels, homestays on the foot of Na Lay mountain or in the community tourism village Quynh Son nearby.

Pu Luong (Thanh Hoa)

When to visit: September to October

Located in a nature reserve, Pu Luong rice fields are an ideal destination for an autumn trip because of the poetic scenery and cool weather.

To see the golden rice terraces and check-in the beautiful scenery of Pu Luong, you can visit Ban Cong commune, the core area of the reserve such as Don village, Hieu village, Kho Muong village… Here you can go for trekking into the forest, through the rice fields and villages where you can learn about the culture and customs of the local people.

Pu Luong is also famous for high-class eco-resorts, retreats and homestays. If you can’t come in the harvesting season, this place is also quite suitable for a short weekend getaway from Hanoi.

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