Homestays in the countryside

In terms of the fast-paced development of the tourism industry, adjustments to meet current customer tastes have to be made. Therefore, a variety of hotels and luxurious accommodations were constructed to appeal to tourists. A type of accommodation known as “homestay” is ideal for you if you want to see Vietnam in the most authentic way possible and fully immerse yourself in the local culture while traveling away from the city’s flashy and packed high-rises. When visiting Vietnam, staying in homestays in the countryside gives you more real-life experiences than alternative accommodations like hotels or motels.

When traveling to Vietnam, it is recommended that you give it a try by staying in a homestay in the countryside. Homestays in the countryside offer a unique opportunity for travelers to experience the local culture, immerse themselves in rural life, and connect with the residents of a particular region.

What are “homestays”?

Homestay is a type of accommodation identified by the phrase “home from home”. In other words, you will reserve a room during your trip and stay in a local’s home, interacting with them like a part of their family.

During that trip, visitors will have interesting experiences and gain a new perspective that is closer to and more realistic about the culture and lives of the indigenous people. When traveling and staying at homestays, visitors also get closer to “being a native”, for example, by wearing the clothes of indigenous people and living according to their customs. Although, by living together, visitors also need to know how to respect the rules and privacy of the host.

Homestay trên núi có gì đặc biệt mà hút khách như vậy

Why should you choose to stay in homestays in the countryside?

  1. Location

Countryside homestays are often found outside of large towns and popular tourist destinations in rural areas. The calm and serene setting is one of the key benefits of rural homestays. No tall buildings, no pollution from different types of vehicles, no heavy traffic, no bustling noise of life in the city; the atmosphere in the countryside is far more peaceful and relaxed, as your perspective is endless paddies instead of tall buildings in the city. You may appreciate the beauty of nature, breathe in fresh air, and experience a slower pace of life away from the bustle and noise of city life.

Mai Châu Countryside Homestay

  1. Local Hospitality

The hospitality that tourists can enjoy during their stay in a homestay is definitely the genuine attraction of a Vietnamese homestay. Vietnamese people are not only friendly and diligent, but they also treat their visitors with respect. Nothing makes your homestay host happier than seeing you relax, explore, eat well, and have a good time. We like to be welcoming, so don’t be shocked if we give you a complimentary footbath, a variety of fresh fruits, or a ride about town on a motorcycle.

You will get the opportunity to see local life firsthand while staying at the homestay. Find out how things are done in Vietnam by speaking with your host family.

Staying with a Vietnamese family in Ninh Binh

  1. Enjoy local food

We take great pride in our cooking at our homestay, where we make tasty and nutritious meals using locally sourced and organically farmed foods. To create a genuine and cozy atmosphere, we cook traditional recipes from our menu, which is tailored to your tastes and preferences. We have used family recipes that have been passed down through the generations to make many of our dishes, and we have also picked up some interesting new recipes from our visitors.

We operate an open kitchen where customers are welcome to watch, discuss around them, and even help with the cooking. In the kitchen, we live by the phrase “the more, the merrier,” and we are always eager to impart our wisdom and pick up new skills. We take great pleasure in fostering an environment that makes visitors feel welcome and like they are a part of our larger family.

29 Must-Eat Vietnamese Dishes Beyond Pho and Banh Mi | Vogue

  1. Cultural immersion

You can fully immerse yourself in the culture and way of life of the locals by staying in a rural homestay. You can join in daily activities with your hosts, learn about local traditions and customs, experience the rhythms of rural life, and become involved in farming or fishing.

Additionally, countryside homestays frequently include a variety of experiences and activities that let you discover the local area’s natural features and points of interest. This can include hikes in picturesque settings, expeditions to nearby villages or markets, cycling excursions, or even workshops for traditional crafts.

Homestay in Vietnam - 5 reasons why you should try it

  1. Affordable price

Homestay is a way to give you a place to stay and rest that is quite affordable. Although the cost of lodging in this kind of modest home is less than that in a hotel or resort, the services offered in homestays are not much different in terms of comfort.

In general, countryside homestays provide a special chance to get to know the locals, appreciate the natural beauty, and learn about their way of life. It’s an opportunity to leave the beaten path, adopt a simpler way of life, and make everlasting and unforgettable travel experiences.

Indulge in the sensation of vacationing in a charming abode, complete with top-tier amenities that surpass those found in typical hotels or resorts.

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