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Laos highlights for you

13 Days Enchanting Laos Honeymoon
  • Enjoy the romantic vibe of Vientiane capital
  • Kayak through islets amid Nam Ngum Lake
  • Explore otherworldly caves in Vang Vieng
  • Visit the elephant sanctuary in Luang Prabang
12 Days Legendary Laos Adventure
  • Visit the UNESCO town of Luang Prabang
  • Swim in the turquoise Kuang Si Waterfall
  • Explore otherworldly caves in Vang Vieng
  • Cruise through islets amid Nam Ngum Lake

Important Information

Visa Exemptions (Single entry only)

Visitors from these countries may enter visa-free, and stay for the indicated number of days.

Electronic Visa (E-visa)

✅ Validity: 60 days
✅ Length of stay: 30 days
✅ Processing time: 3 business days

Visa on Arrival (for Tourist)

✅ Length of stay: 30 days
✅ Enabling 3rd party support.

Lao New Year (Boun Pi Mai)

The festival takes place in mid-April and lasts for three days. During this time, the whole country shuts down to worship and celebrate. At the temples, locals participate in washing the Buddha statue, which, in turn, evolves into a water fight, or "water throwing," as the water coming from the Buddha washing is considered good luck. The constant drenching is a great relief from the heat this time of year, as April tends to be the hottest month in Laos. For the locals, the water festivities are their way of calling for rain during the dry season.

That Luang Festival (Boun That Luang)

That Luang is the national symbol and most important religious monument of Laos. Vientiane’s most important Theravada Buddhist festival, “Boun That Luang”, is held here for three days during the full moon of November. Monks will gather at the stupa in Vientiane to accept gifts and alms from worshipful townsfolk. For a whole week during the full moon of the twelfth lunar month, the Pha That Luang temple comes alive with a fair, contests, fireworks, and music, topped off with a wien thien, or candlelight procession.

Wat Phou Festival (Boun Vat Phou)

An annual festival held during the 3rd full moon of the lunar calendar, which usually occurs in late January or early February. The Wat Phou Festival takes place within the grounds of the UNESCO listed 5th century ruins of Wat Phou in Champasak. This enchanting festival is part of the Makha Bouxa (Makhaboucha) Buddhist Festival and includes three days and three nights of religious chanting, praying and processions. Festivities also include traditional dancing and sporting competitions such as volleyball and petanque. The highlight of the Wat Phou Festival is worshipers circling the main temple bearing candles.


Weather & Climate

The climate of Laos is tropical in most of the plains, while it's subtropical in the far north and in the mountains and has 2 seasons.

The summer monsoon brings rainfall and
high humidity from May to the beginning or the middle of October.


Vientiane Taxi is the most prestigious taxi group that provides 24/7 metered taxis in the capital of Laos. In other provinces, taxis can be hired at the counter near the airport entrance or at the hotel where you stay.


This is a popular vehicle in Laos. Tuk-Tuk hire gathers in popular tourist areas and at tourist hotels. <br>
For one short trip: around 20,000 Kip (~USD 1.19)
For the whole day, depending on your route: <br>
✅ from 100,000 Kip (~USD 5.93) for trips around the city <br>
✅ from 200,000 Kip (~USD 11.86) for visiting attractions in the surrounding areas.


LOCA TAXI is the only Licensed Laos-based ride-sharing service that gives passengers the most convenient way to get a taxi or private car. LOCA is now available 24/7 in big cities of Laos, including Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Pakse and Savannakhet.

Bullet Train

Laos-China Railway offers ticket booking for 6 stations in Laos, including Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Muang Xay, Luang Namtha and Boten. In the present, trains transiting the Laos railway network are pulled by electric locomotives circulating at a speed of 120-160 km/h.


The Kip (Code: LAK) is the official currency of the Lao PDR. US dollars are as commonly used as the Laotian Kip and even Thai Baht is acceptable in many places.

Most hotels and many restaurants and shops set their prices in dollars. <br>
Small transactions are usually done in Kip. Always carry some small Kip for motorcycle taxis, snacks, and other small purchases.

Money Exchange

The amount of Laotian money needed ultimately depends on the quality of food, accommodation and transportation, according to your plan. Upon arriving in Laos, you’ll want to have some cash in the local currency. Money can be exchanged in airports, banks and ATM.


Laos operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Due to different standard voltages and plug types among countries, adapters and converters are recommended to ensure the safety and sustainability of your electronic devices.

There are five associated
plug types:
✅ Plug type A has two flat parallel pins.
✅ Plug type B is like type A but with an
extra prong for grounding.
✅ Plug type C has two round pins.
✅ Plug type E is like type C but with a
✅ Plug type F has two round pins with
two earth clips on the side


Tipping isn't expected in Laos, but it is always appreciated.
Laotian locals are a very humble people, so if you do wish to leave a tip, please do so in a discreet manner.
It is best to avoid tipping with coins, very small denomination notes, or dirty and ripped notes, as this can be regarded as an insult.

Safety Issues

✅ Taking a hotel/ hostel business card.
✅ Be careful in crowded areas to avoid gambles and pickpocketing.
✅ Leaving crucial documents in the safety box.


✅ Wearing formal clothes when visiting spiritual/cultural sites.
✅ Bringing plastic boots and light rain coats.
✅ Bringing sport shoes and clothes along for the trekking activities.

Toiletries & Medications

✅ Many medicines are accessible in Indochina without prescriptions, but they may be out-of-date or of poor quality.
✅ It is best to pack toiletries such as sunscreen, contact lens solution, tampons and mosquito repellent.

Shopping & Shipping

✅ Bargaining is necessary when shopping in Laos.
✅ You should get a shipping insurance and check the policy's details if If you choose to have the items shipped to your house.

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