New routes in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia have recently seen the establishment of new routes, offering exciting opportunities for travelers to explore these captivating destinations. From breathtaking landscapes to vibrant cultures, these routes provide a diverse range of experiences. Whether it’s cruising along the majestic Mekong River, exploring ancient temples, or immersing in the bustling local markets. The new routes in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia promise unforgettable adventures for all. So pack your bags and get ready to embark on a journey full of discovery and awe.

1. New Direct Flights Connect Vietnam and Australia: Expanding Travel Opportunities

Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air have recently announced their plans to introduce new direct flight services from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to major cities in Australia. The introduction of these new flight services comes as the number of Australian visitors to Vietnam continues to rise. This upward trend highlights the growing appeal of Vietnam as a destination and the increasing desire to explore its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality.
These new routes aim to enhance connectivity and provide more convenient travel options for passengers. The new service will launch on June 15, connecting Hanoi and Melbourne with two weekly flights operating on Thursdays and Sundays. Budget airline Vietjet Air will initiate direct flights between Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city.

Australian Prime Minister Albanese expressed his enthusiasm for the new routes. This will be the first-ever direct route connecting Vietnam and Brisbane, a city set to host the prestigious 2032 Summer Olympics. The new flight route reflects the strong ties between Vietnam and Australia, fostering increased opportunities for travel, trade, and cultural exchange.



2. Vietnam Airlines Restores Trans-Indochina Route, Boosting Tourism and Connectivity

Exciting news for travelers! Vietnam Airlines, the national flag carrier, is set to resume its Hanoi-Luang Prabang-Siem Reap route starting July 1. Initially operating three flights per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the frequency will increase to five flights per week from October 30.

This restoration comes after a temporary suspension due to the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. The reintroduction of this trans-Indochina route will provide convenient travel options for tourists. With increased flight options, exploring the stunning destinations of Luang Prabang and Siem Reap becomes more accessible and convenient. In addition, it opens up new opportunities for travelers to embark on exciting journeys. And the tourists can discover diverse cultures, and marvel at historical sites such as the breathtaking temples of Angkor Wat.

Vietnam Airlines has been a key player in promoting connectivity and travel in the Indochina region for many years. Since introducing routes to Siem Reap in 2000 and Luang Prabang in 2006, the airline has facilitated the transportation of nearly 400,000 passengers on its trans-Indochina routes in 2019 alone.

3. Lao Airlines Introduces Direct Flight Connecting Vientiane and Danang: Unlocking New Travel Experiences

Lao Airlines has recently launched its first direct flight from Vientiane, Laos, to Danang, Vietnam on March 30th, 2023. This new air route reduces travel time and enhances accessibility to these two sought-after destinations. It allows passengers to immerse themselves in the cultural richness and natural beauty of both destinations more quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, it serves as a catalyst for strengthening economic ties between Laos and Vietnam.

Travelers can sit back, relax, and savor the anticipation of reaching their destination. With its spacious seating arrangements and a variety of food and beverage options, the Airbus A320 aircraft promises a delightful journey for passengers. EXPLORE LAOS AND VIETNAM’S COASTAL DELIGHTS TOUR.

The launch of this direct flight not only benefits travelers but also contributes to strengthening economic ties between Laos and Vietnam. Besides, it acts as a bridge connecting the two countries, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and driving economic growth in the region.



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