Common mistakes by tourists when traveling to Vietnam

Vietnam is always one of the leading travel destinations in Asia. Western tourists may not get used to Asian countries. Therefore they usually have some common mistakes when traveling to Vietnam. Together with Travel Sense Asia Team let’s find out what is it so you can avoid troubles and have an enjoyable trip.

1.Only check in at the famous tourist attraction

Well, traveling to Vietnam you will want to visit the main tourist attractions which make the country a famous travel destination. However, it would be a good idea if you can explore something off-the-beaten-track. That will bring you new and exceptional experiences. You may get surprised by discover a new place that hasn’t been known.

Another reason is that famous sightseeing places are always crowded. Most of the time you must line up in a long queue to buy the entrance ticket. If you visit less famous attraction, of course there are litter visitors and you don’t need to wait so long.

2. Lack of flexibility with your itinerary

Even you plan the trip to Vietnam carefully in every details with tour company, troubles can come at any time. Maybe the weather is not good so you must change program or shorten your visit. Or maybe the hotel makes you disappointed so you want to move to another one. Or your domestic flight in Vietnam is canceled/delayed etc. Therefore, you must be ready to adjust your plan on site.

Although everything cannot always follow your plan, be flexible and active to deal with troubles and find a solution.

3. Not integrate with local life

When you come to visit a foreign country, let’s enjoy the experiences that you will not find anywhere else such as landscapes, music, art or culture. Dinner with local family, cooking class or street food tour or watching a traditional artist show maybe something you should try when traveling to Vietnam. The locals can share you stories that haven’t never been told in guidebook or document films.

Take your chance to get to know the locals’s daily life as well as their culture and traditions and you will not get disappointed.

4. Do everything on your own

Some people, especially young travelers want to explore Vietnam on their own like backpackers. But in a foreign country you’re better to ask for help from local travel agency or local guide. Maybe not for the whole trip but a part of its. It will help you to save time and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

For examples, it is not easy to get around the city or move from a place to another because public transport in Vietnam is not developed like in western countries. Find a reliable agency and let them arrange transfers for you.

So hope that our tips can help you to avoid troubles and have an enjoyable vacation in Vietnam.

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