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Vietnam, which is famous for having undergone several historical eras, has had bloody wars with invaders. However, the conflict witnessed many historical artifacts, a violent battle, and the fight for the freedom of our country. Visitors can travel to Vietnam to experience and learn more about the history of the country through specific tours, such as the Old Saigon Tour Special Forces. It takes you on a journey to explore the historical sites and significant locations during the Vietnam War in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City). This tour offers a unique perspective on the military history of the city.

Introduction to the Old Saigon Special Forces

On April 30, the occasion of Reunification Day, a lot of tourists, from domestic to foreign, are eager to visit historical sites to memorize and celebrate this special occasion. The Department of Tourism and the Traditional Club of Saigon-Gia Dinh Resistance Force launched and published this unique type of tour to a widespread audience of tourists. The tour provides historical context about the Vietnam War and the role of the Special Forces in Saigon. It explores the military operations, tactics, and challenges faced by the Special Forces during that time. It were a type of commando unit that was part of the South Viet Nam Liberation Armed Forces, with making fast attacks against Saigon – US soldiers in the city during the Vietnam War.

During the tour, guests can ride in the cars or motorcycles that former members of the special force to get to their secret hideouts at 113A Dang Dung Street in District 1. And enjoy a meal of Dai Han broken rice at the Do Phu coffee shop in District 3 then tour the location with a secret mailbox, cash, gold and other war memorabilia.


Saigon Commandos Hidden Gem - Vibrant Ho Chi Minh City: The Official Website of Ho Chi Minh City Tourism


What can be explored while participating in the tour?

1. War Remnants and Sites

War relics from the Vietnam War, such as equipment, weaponry, or artifacts may be on display at some of the locations. This enables you to establish a concrete connection to the past and imagine what the Special Forces were like at that time.

During the tour, you can experience important sites that were significant. Thu Duc and other former Special Forces bases like Nha Be under famous historical sites. Typically, the tour schedule includes stops at several sites connected to the Special Forces in Saigon. This could include previous military installations, practice fields, working locations and other significant places.


Saigon Special Force tour uncovers heart of heroic past - VnExpress International


2. Guided Tour

The skilled tour guides that lead the trip know well the background and stories of the Special Forces in Saigon. You can gain a better understanding of the activities of the Special Forces and how they depict the war by reading their observations, anecdotes.

The guides frequently discuss the personal accounts or experiences of former Special Forces members, illuminating the difficulties, their contributions and the effects on their lives and the neighborhood. These tales offer a personal viewpoint and strengthen the audience’s emotional connection to the topic.


Lao, Cambodian students learn about the history of “Saigon Special Task Force”


3. Cultural Exchange

This tour offers opportunities for cultural exchange and encounters with local populations. You may have the opportunity to interact and discuss with Vietnamese war survivors, learning about historical events from their perspectives. It offers a chance to discover the tactics, plans, and the difficulties the Special Forces encountered during the fight. The tour may also include times of remembrance and reflection so that visitors can honor and consider how the war affected the city and its residents.


Saigon Special Force tour uncovers the heart of heroic past | Vietnam motorcycle tours | Saigon Riders

4. Duration

The duration of the Old Saigon Special Forces tour can vary, typically ranging from a few hours to a full day, depending on the specific itinerary and depth of exploration.

In general, the Old Saigon Special Forces tour concentrates on the historical significance of the Special Forces’ involvement in Saigon and the Vietnam War. Each destination on the itinerary has stories about the Saigon Special Forces, creating a space for visitors to learn about history.


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