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Important Information

Electronic Visa (E-visa)

Access Evisa Kingdom Cambodia and go to 'Application'

✅ Validity: 90 days
✅ Length of stay: 30 days
✅ Processing time: 3 business days

Tips - Travellers with an e-Visa can go directly to immigration counters at their point of entry and do not need to queue at Visa on Arrival counter

Visa on Arrival

Tourists and business travelers may purchase a Cambodian visa at the airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and at the borders. Visa fee is from 30USD.


Khmer New Year

Known as Bon Chol Chhnam Thmei, it is a three-day event that is always observed on April 13 or 14. It is the most significant festival in Cambodia and historically signifies the end of the harvest season. The cities are closed for a week as Cambodians head back to their villages to celebrate, spend time with their relatives, and visit the neighborhood pagoda.

Preah Reach Pithi Bonn Chrot Preah Neang Kol

This is an important ancient royal ceremonial that commemorates the start of the rice-growing season, when preparations for farming operations begin. This was once begun by the Khmer monarch and since then it has been honored yearly. The King of Cambodia hosts the customary celebration. A representative of
Cambodia's King begins the event by plowing with royal oxen, signaling the start of a fruitful harvest season.

Bon Om Touk (Water Festival)

The Cambodia Water Festival dates back to the 12th century Angkor era, when the Navy Forces fought to secure Cambodia. It is a sign of respect for these Navy Forces. It is celebrated throughout the day and night, with all Cambodian citizens, peasants, and international visitors congregating in the capital. During the festival, a boat racing event is held, which was once a battle training undertaken by the naval troops.

Cambodia has two primary seasons, wet and dry, with a gradient of temperatures within those two. Dry season stretches from November until the end of April, and wet season begins in May and lasts through September. It’s hottest between March and June and tends to be coolest between October and December.

During the dry season, the weather in popular tourism spots such as Phnom Penh, SIem Reap and Koh Rong is at its tropical best – temperatures range from 25°C – 40°C in the sun, with no clouds and low humidity.

Wet season can be a fun time to visit, as there are fewer tourists, and the countryside blooms into healthy hues of green. In the heart of the monsoon swells, typically in September and October, travel to more remote parts of the country can be challenging or impossible because of dangerous road conditions.


Remork (Tuk-tuk)

The Cambodian Remork offers a quieter, more pleasant ride. Remork for hire gathers in popular tourist areas such as the riverfront and at tourist hotels. Prices vary depending on the number of passengers and where you pick up the Remork

✅ $1-$2 for short trips
✅ $10-$15 for the whole day

Metered Taxi

Global Taxi, Choice Taxi, Taxi Rouge and GreatWall Taxi offer 24/7 taxi service.
✅ Hiring a taxi for a day costs $25-$35.
✅ Short jaunts around town run a minimum of $4-$5

Taxi on App

Grab, Tada and PassApp are 3 main taxi booking apps in Cambodia, all available in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. They offer on-demand car taxi and tuk-tuk booking service. Cars are preferred to ensure safety for newcomers.

The Riel (Code: KHR) is the currency of Cambodia. US dollars are as commonly used as the Cambodian Riel and even Thai Baht is acceptable in many places.

Most hotels and many restaurants and shops set their prices in dollars. Small transactions are usually done in Riel. Always carry some small Riel for motorcycle taxis, snacks, beggars and other small purchases.

Tips - To quickly convert from KHR to USD, just remove three zeros and divide by 4. For example: 1 USD ≈ 4,000 KHR


Cambodia operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. There are three associated plug types: types A, C and G.

✅ Plug type A is the plug which has two flat parallel pins.
✅ Plug type C is the plug with two round pins.
✅ Plug type G is the plug with three rectangular pins, in a triangular pattern.

Due to different standard voltages and plug types among countries, adapters and converters are recommended to ensure the safety and sustainability of your electronic devices.


Tipping isn't expected in Cambodia, but it is always appreciated. Tipping encourages excellent service in the future. Many service workers in Cambodia earn a low wage, so if you are happy with the services provided by waiters, drivers, guides or others, leaving a small tip depending on the service is a good way to show your appreciation.

Cambodian locals are a very humble people, so if you do wish to leave a tip, please do so in a discreet manner. Carrying small notes of local currency will make tipping easier. It is best to avoid tipping with very small denomination notes, or dirty and ripped notes, as this can be regarded as an insult.


Tipping isn't expected in Laos, but it is always appreciated. Laotian locals are a very humble people, so if you do wish to leave a tip, please do so in a discreet manner. It is best to avoid tipping with coins, very small denomination notes, or dirty and ripped notes, as this can be regarded as an insult.

Safety Issues

✅ Taking a hotel/ hostel business card.
✅ Be careful in crowded areas to avoid gambles and pickpocketing.
✅ Leaving crucial documents in the safety box.


✅ Wearing formal clothes when visiting spiritual/cultural sites.
✅ Bringing plastic boots and light rain coats.
✅ Bringing sport shoes and clothes along for the trekking activities.

Toiletries & Medications

✅ Many medicines are accessible in Indochina without prescriptions, but they may be out-of-date or of poor quality.
✅ It is best to pack toiletries such as sunscreen, contact lens solution, tampons and mosquito repellent.

Shopping & Shipping

✅ Bargaining is necessary when shopping in Laos.
✅ You should get a shipping insurance and check the policy's details if If you choose to have the items shipped to your house.

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